Security Guidelines


Security should be a prime concern of the exhibitor from the time the exhibit is prepared for shipment to the Show until the moment the exhibit is dismantled and shipped out.

Exposition Centers are public buildings to which hundreds of individuals have access...let alone the number of individuals involved in the shipping of your product to and from the Show. Therefore, it is critical that each exhibitor work closely with Show Management in making every effort to safeguard his investment in the exposition.

The best security plans are dictated by common sense. At some point in the preparation of your exhibit-before you ship your material-it will help to take a minute to review everything with security in mind.

To begin with, we strongly encourage you to insure your property from the time it leaves your facilities until it is returned after the Show. In most cases, a rider can be added to your present policy for a nominal cost that will protect your property while it is out of your control. Remember, it is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to insure his property.

The National Premium Show, Inc., Hall-Erickson, Inc., their agents, the exhibit hall and their respective agents, will not be responsible in any way for the safety of any exhibit or material against theft, fire or accident.

Please be security conscious at all times during your stay. Do not leave items of value in your booth overnight during the installation period or Show days without taking security precautions. Remember, the security of your product is your responsibility...don't take chances!

We suggest you consider the following:

If you ship by common carrier, do not use cartons which identify the contents, but group and ship all products in crates. Be sure to list the number of pieces in your shipment on the bill-of-lading and carefully identify as to the number of crates, cartons, etc., but do not identify the contents. If you are shipping "sensitive" merchandise such as TV's, VCR's, Computer Equipment, etc., mark them for delivery to the Secured Storage Area on Level 3, Exhibit Floor. (Note: Product only- exhibit fixtures will not be accepted.)

Assign people to be present at the booth to receive shipments and take inventory. (Bear in mind that material shipped in advance direct to the drayage contractor will be delivered to the booth prior to or during the early part of move-in.) Be sure to send copies of all shipping information to your set-up people (this includes exhibitor appointed contractors) so that they know how many pieces should arrive. Report immediately to the Security Office any discrepancies between quantities shipped and quantities received. At any time during the Show, any missing items should be reported to the Security Office on Level 3, Exhibit Floor.

Pay special attention to prototypes, irreplaceable articles and small, easily carried items. When appropriate, place them in locked containers, hand carry them to the overnight storage room or take them from the hall with you at night.

Do not put any article of value in a container marked "Empty Storage." Empties are not guarded in any way and are not secure.

Consider using a private guard overnight in your booth. Don't leave exposed or unguarded such personal items as handbags, wallets, or attache cases. (This is true throughout the Show.)

Personnel from your company should be in the booth all hours that the Show floor is open. This includes time in the morning before show attendees are allowed on the floor.

Exhibitors or attendees who wish to remove anything from the exhibit floor must obtain a "Merchandise Release Form" from the Security Office on Level 3, Exhibit Floor. These forms, when properly filled out tell the security guard that removal of an item is authorized.

The Motivation Show provides an overnight storage room, located next to the Security Office on Level 3, Exhibit Floor where exhibitors may store "sensitive" items during non-show hours. It will be staffed throughout the Show, from move-in to move-out. Plan to bring your merchandise to this area for storage each night before leaving the building. There is no charge for this service, so don't take the chance of leaving sensitive merchandise in your booth.

If you cannot carry your product to the Secured Storage Area, we suggest you rent a Safety Container.

If your display is such that your merchandise cannot be easily stored, consider individual guard service for all hours that you are not at your booth. The value of your product and the extreme inconvenience experienced when samples are lost or stolen make this a very worthwhile investment.

Dismantling, including the removal of merchandise, must not begin until the official close of the Show. Pack as quickly as possible at the close of the Show. Under no circumstances should you leave your exhibit unattended during this time.

It is recommended that a person from your company be present until your exhibit materials are loaded out of the exhibit hall.

Remember, help us to control the movement of product throughout the Show. Do Not Sell, Give Away or Trade Merchandise During or After the Show. Recrate and return it with your display. Help us eliminate the carrying out of miscellaneous items from the Show.

McCormick has announced a new policy for everyone working in the facility. Employees of McCormick Place, the general contractor, and all exhibitor appointed contractors (EAC) are prohibited from removing any merchandise from the exhibit hall for any reason.

In addition, we encourage exhibitors NOT to sell, trade, or giveaway any merchandise at the close of the Show. Repack all of your merchandise and return it with your display. Help us avoid the carrying out of merchandise at Show close.

Remove all sensitive merchandise from your booth THURSDAY NIGHT, or make arrangements at the GES ServiceCenter to move your merchandise into the Secured Storage Area, and indicate on your bill-of-lading that merchandise can be picked up there when ready for loading out.

Remember, product security is your responsibility - don't take chances!