Shipping Information

Shipping is the hauling of goods or materials from one point to another. In our industry the materials are normally picked up by the trucker, but loaded onto the truck by someone else. The trucker hauls the materials, along with probably several other sets of materials, from the departure city to the destination point. The materials are then unloaded, again by someone other than the trucker. Hence, the fee for shipping includes services limited to the transport of the materials from one point to another, and requires generally one person.

Drayage is the handling of shipments and collateral materials upon their arrival at the exhibit hall.

This includes:


  •   Labor and equipment to marshal the vehicles.
  •   Labor and equipment to unload and deliver the materials to the booth, and check the shipment against the bill-of-lading.
  •   Labor and equipment to pick up the empty shipping containers and load them onto trucks for storage during the show.
  •   Trucks and drivers to haul the empty containers to an off-site storage facility.
  •   Rental of the off-site storage facility.
  •   Trucks and drivers to return the empty containers from the off-site storage facility to the exhibit hall at the end of the show.
  •   Labor and equipment to unload the empty containers from the trucks and redeliver them to the proper booths.
  •   Labor and equipment to pick up the re-packed materials, check them against the shipping papers, and re-load them onto trucks for outbound shipment.
  •   Labor and equipment to marshal the vehicles during the outbound movement.


1. How do I file a claim for missing or damaged inbound freight?
Go to the GES ServiCenter.

2. If I keep my empties until the last minute, will I get them back first?
No. If you hold your empties, the Floor Managers will warn you at first and then have your empties removed.

3. When will I get my empty crates back? Other exhibitors have already received their  empties.
Cartons will be returned first so you can start packing and crates will be next. Crate return is random, but all cartons and crates should be returned within six hours.

4. How do I trace my shipment?
If you have not received your return shipment in a week to ten days, call the GES Customer Service Department at 800/475-2098.

5. How do I file a claim for damaged or missing outbound freight?
Call the GES Customer Service Department at 800/475-2098.


1. Ship in advance to the warehouse. Ship prepaid and keep an inventory and the tracing numbers of all your shipments.

2. Place a rider on your insurance policy from the time your exhibit and product leaves your possession until it is returned. Your company is responsible for your exhibit and product.

3. Do not ship extra product to the show to sell. Over the counter sales (i.e., cash check, and/or credit cards) are not permitted. Only bona fide business orders for future delivery may be taken.

4. Remove all old shipping labels before you send anything to GES and attach clean labels, provided in this manual, with your company name and booth number clearly marked.

5. Expect at least a three-hour wait to have your truck unloaded from the time it checks in at the Marshalling Yard.

6. While making your shipping plans to the show, also plan for shipping home after the show. Make sure that someone from your company will be on-site to oversee the outbound shipment of your display and product.

7. Take the extra time to ensure that your display and product are packed neatly and securely.