General Rules and Regulations

The display and distribution of balloons will not be allowed at any time within McCormick Place, unless the item is the actual product of the Exhibitor and the Exhibitor has received approval from the Managing Directors. Balloons create numerous housekeeping problems and are particularly detrimental to the sophisticated fire detection systems installed at McCormick Place. The use of foil type balloons (Mylar or aluminum) is strictly prohibited.

All booths will be confined to a maximum height of 8'3" and all display fixtures over 4' in height and placed within 10 lineal feet of an adjoining exhibit, must be confined to that area of the exhibitor's space which is not more than 5' out from the back line. Island and peninsula displays are permitted to a height of 16' when plans are submitted and approved by the Managing Directors at least 60 days prior to the opening of the Show. All open or unfinished sides are to be covered at exhibitor's expense so as not to appear unsightly.

There will be no booth moves onsite. No exceptions.

Exhibitors shall not permit exhibitions, raffles, donations or other promotional measures that require members or guests to be present at a specified location and time, and all unusual promotional plans must be approved by the Managing Directors no later than 60 days prior to the Show.

Exhibitors are responsible for damage to uncrated or improperly packed shipments, concealed damage, loss or theft of material after delivery to booth or before material is picked up for return movement. It is expressly understood that the exhibitor will make no claim of any kind against The Motivation Show for any loss, damage or destruction of goods, nor for any damage of any nature to his business by reason of the failure to provide space for any exhibit or the removal of the exhibit.

Dismantling and packing of exhibits must be completed by 4:30 PM, Friday, October 26, 2012. No exhibitor shall have the right prior to 4:00 PM, Thursday, October 25, 2012, to pack or remove any articles on exhibit without the permission and approval in writing of The Motivation Show. The exhibitor will have an authorized representative present throughout the dismantling of his exhibit and will furnish the name of this representative to the Managing Directors at least 60 days prior to the Show.

For a complete review of the electrical regulations for temporary wiring in McCormick Place CLICK HERE

All material used in the exhibit hall must be fireproof and meet all Chicago Fire Department regulations. No decorative paper, split bamboo draping, untreated cloth or carpeting, excelsior or polyurethane materials of any kind will be permitted. The storage of packing boxes, cartons, literature or any other material behind an exhibitor's booth is expressly forbidden at any time. Exhibitors will be permitted to retain in their booths one day's supply of whatever literature or extra products they may have which can be stored in containers beneath the draped tables. Aerosol cans containing either inflammable propellant or products are prohibited in the exhibit hall. All other aerosol cans must be labeled as to their content and expellant. Empty cans should be used for display purposes when in doubt. All exhibitors planning demonstrations requiring open flames, paint sprayers, any kind of compressed gas or explosive fuels, heat, etc., are urged to contact the Fire Marshal at McCormick Place , giving all information so they can obtain approval in advance. For a complete review of the Fire Regulations CLICK HERE

As Chicago Restaurant Partners has exclusive food and beverage distribution rights within the McCormick Place Complex sponsoring organizations and/or their exhibitors may distribute sample food and/or beverage product only upon written authorization. The general conditions for authorization are that items dispensed are limited to those products which are manufactured, processed or distributed by exhibiting firms, as long as those firms items are closely related to the central theme of the Show. Beverages dispensed are to be a maximum of 5 ounces of product in a 6 ounce cup and food items will be limited to bite size. All food and/or beverage items used to generate traffic to specific exhibitor booths such as popcorn, giveaway coffee or bar service, must be purchased through the food service department.

All lighting in the exhibit must be arranged and operated so as not to be distracting to adjacent exhibits. All illumination deemed to be objectionable in the opinion of The Motivation Show shall be prohibited.

Installation of exhibits may begin at 12:30 PM , Monday, October 22, 2012 and must be completed by 6:00 PM , Tuesday, October 23, 2012. The exhibitor will have an authorized representative present throughout the installation of his exhibit and will furnish the name of this representative to the Managing Directors at least 60 days prior to the Show.

LABOR                                                                                                                                                                                The exhibitor agrees to abide by all agreements made between the unions, The Motivation Show, its agents or McCormick Place pertaining to the use of union labor at all times while in McCormick Place. This is especially pertinent to the erection and dismantling of exhibits or display and booth decoration. Also, the exhibitor agrees not to contract for or use any service in connection with their exhibit while in this exhibit hall except such as shall be made available or approved by the Managing Directors. The names of any persons or organizations other than those designated as official contractors in the Exhibit Services Section of this manual, who are proposed for the performance of any service for the exhibitor within the exhibit hall, will be supplied to the Managing Directors 60 days prior to the Show for approval.

Literature, souvenirs, catalogs, printed matter or any other items to be distributed at the Show are subject to approval by The Motivation Show and any and all distribution must be made from the exhibitors contracted booth space. Any material not approved by The Motivation Show shall not be distributed.

The Motivation Show has no objection to the use of models or demonstrators in exhibitors booths, provided they are properly clothed and dressed in good taste at all times. The wearing of scanty costumes will not be permitted. The Show further requires that they limit their promotional activities, i.e., demonstrations, dispensing of literature and/or samples to the confines of the exhibitor's contracted booth space. Exhibitor personnel wearing costumes or banners containing firm names must wear an outer wrap any time it is necessary to leave the confines of the exhibitor's booth.

Each exhibitor is responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses and permits to use music, photographs or other copyrighted material in exhibitors booth or display. No exhibitor will be permitted to play, broadcast or have performed any music or use any other copyrighted material, such as photographs or other artistic works, without first presenting to The Motivation Show proof satisfactory that the exhibitor has, or does not need, a license to use such music or copyrighted material. The Motivation Show reserves the right to remove from the exhibit hall all or any part of any booth or display which incorporates music, photographs or other copyrighted material and for which the exhibitor fails to produce proof that the exhibitor holds all required licenses. The exhibitor shall remain liable for and shall indemnify and hold The Motivation Show, their agents and employees, harmless from all loss, cost, claims, causes of action, suits, damages, liability, expenses and costs, including reasonable attorney's fees, arising from or out of any violation or infringement (or claimed violation or infringement) by exhibitor, exhibitors agents or employees of any patent, copyright or trade secret rights or privileges.

The operation of sound systems, radios or other sound devises in an objectionable or distracting manner in the opinion of The Motivation Show shall be prohibited. The use of sound systems is permissible, provided it does not exceed 85 decibels at the aisle line of the exhibitor's rented booth space. The sound is to be directed exclusively into the exhibitor's booth space and the Managing Directors shall have absolute control over the enforcement of this regulation to ensure that sound systems shall not be audibly objectionable to neighboring exhibitors. The Managing Directors reserve the right to enter the exhibitors rented booth and disconnect the power source to sound equipment, due to objectionable sound levels (exceeding 85 decibels).

No exhibitor shall exhibit or permit to be exhibited in the space allocated to him any services other than that specified in the Application and Contract for Exhibit Space.

The rights of an exhibitor as outlined in the Application for Exhibit Space shall not be assignable to any other firm or person under any circumstances.

Entry to and exit from the exhibit area will be possible only through the main show entrance and all persons entering and leaving must wear a badge issued by The Motivation Show. During installation and dismantling periods, no one will be permitted in the exhibit area before 12:30 PM on Monday, October 22 and 8:00 AM on Tuesday, October 23. All material leaving the exhibit area must be accompanied by an Bill-of-Lading or a merchandise release pass, even if it is the property of the exhibitor removing it.